Biller Manager

Biller Manager is a suite of applications that allows you to manage all the aspects of the control and activities related to the administration of telephone expenses in charge of the company for example telephone lines, SIM cards, active and passives loans, accessories and billing history.
Through a simple and intuitive web interface, Biller Manager allows you to manage your company’s telephone expenses:
• From different operators
• From landlines and mobiles
• Maintaining a SIM’s history for renting the client over time
• Multimedia analysis of collected data
• Export data in several formats and configurable system for the analysis of collected data.
• Reporting
The application integrates a mechanism to configure the profiles and allow or deny the access to their work. All management consoles are able to make entries, changes and cancellations on the data sheets of their competence. Using the web interface is possible to create a custom reports and export it to Excel sheets. The system allows you to save the structure in order to carry out a new analysis later.

The system provides the precise management of the following aspects:
• Cost centers
• Multi level hierarchical structure
• User functions (administration, supervisor, user)
• List of loans (including the accessories)
• Comparison with the phone provider invoice

• Data history assigned to each SIM
• Request rates, charges and discounts to calculate net cost traffic
• Exporting text files
• SIM anomalies alarms (new entries, non-existing traffic, abnormal traffic)