iFeel Outdoor

iFeel Outdoor is a complete outdoor totem family that allows strong user interaction through the touch screen, multimedia application management, access to information, content management and proximity marketing.

With our totems you can:
• Play images
• Play videos
• Play advertising, even interactive
• Adapt the information based on the people who are present in front of the totem
• Payment management
• Manage loyalty cards or regional service cards.
• Manage automatic access to a hotel or B&B
Metal structure  outdoor monitor from 20 to 49 inches based on the model, depending on model, customizable logo.
High fidelity guarantee in hardware and software quality and high tolerance to temperature and adverse weather conditions.

Equiped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and DSIS DIRECTOR software for totem management, content upload and application management. H&S has realized the complete solution iFeel consisting of a specially designed and developed software platform..

We also make digital shelters that allow to be used for more things than displaying information or advertising, such as interaction with the user for the purchase of a ticket, telephone recharges, charging phones via USB, etc...