Industry 4.0

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is a guide to improving competitiveness, productivity (workers can use it to work more effectively on tasks that are really essential) and to reduce the time between product design and delivery by ensuring:
• Quality
• Reduce costs
• Reduced time to market

The current changes have a huge effect on:
• Human resources
• Organization
• Business models
• Structures and business processes

Fields of operations

• Change management

Goal to zero
• Warehouse
• Failure
• Defect
• Waste
• Intelligent and flexible
• Improve the quality (through the standard and high reliability) of traditional equipment with a digital approach to have machines that can communicate with each other and re-establish the autonomy process.

• Improve and simplify ease of use
• Strong virtualization to allow the decision process in the first phase of the productive process (Augmented Reality)

• Fully integrated in the WPI
• High digital simulation and production capabilities Monitoring of a cryogenic room by the customer Air Liquide Sanità
Monitoring of a cryogenic room by the customer Air Liquide Sanità


Operational Workflow:
• Collect data
• Analyze collected data
• Complex decision-making
• Change the process to improve it

Data collection
Creation of a nervous system, based on digital technology, capable of gathering the necessary information to develop competencies that allow the improvement of the entire process in various sectors.

H & S has carried out various integrated solutions and certified in a degree of data collection in the following areas:
• Productionbr> • Security
• Environment
• Logistics and Transportation
• Health

Case history

EasyMail:Assisted Post Ventilation.
The product "EasyMail" is a patented, technologically advanced, easy-to-use solution that integrates into the corporate ventilation system.