Mobile Survey

Mobile survey is the product that allows you to generate any type of survey with open or closed answers, navigation conditioned by the answers, mechanism of weights related to answers, questions grouped in sections and calculated files.
Mobile Survey allows you to:
• Define freely and with web interface refillable surveys either through the web or in the mobile PDA
• Collect data on a database in ASP or in the client
• Modify a completed survey (keeping the versions)
• Print a completed survey
• Define flows to legacy systems through XML

Mobile Survey is available from the web, netbook, PDA and Android.

Mobile Survey is the solution for workers in movement, in the territory or in the structures:
• Maintenance technicians, installers, inspection technicians, foremen, quality / standards supervisors, inspectors ...
• Personnel in charge of finding people, employees who study customer satisfaction, home care workers in health care, clinical staff and also in long-stay patients for the collection of information (such as food preference).
• Privileged information on supermarket shelves, representatives of sales and marketing techniques in supermarkets and franchise chains, promoters or vendors involved in temporary promotions