SMSway is the answer to the current need to communicate in a versatile, efficient and multichannel way, either on the company or with its customers.
SMSway offers the possibility of replacing the traditional communication mechanisms "Businness to Businness" and "Businness to Consumer" with new mechanisms of instantaneous and bidirectional communication. For inbound and outbound message management, SMSway adopts a similar mode to a common email program, providing a series of virtual folders in which messages are sent, received and deleted, as well as the ability to create Your own address book and your own mailing list.
SMSway allows you to interact with all the company information that allows you to define also:
• The type of operation to be performed (creation, modification or consultation of information)
• The time (at sight or before the occurrence of a certain event)
• Mode (via SMS and / or email and / or through SMSway's web interface)
• Recipients (customers, suppliers, agents or others)

SMSway allows you to create and send SMS using the web interface and define program and customize procedures for accessing corporate information systems. SMSway allows the creation of procedures models through which you can directly interact with corporate data bases. The interaction can be a simple reading of data or insertion / variation of the same.