Qui nous sommes

Our history

De plus de vent ans H&S est leader dans la recherche et la realization de software et services. H&S a été fondè en 1989 a Piacenza par un groupe de professionnels avec experience vécues dans l’informatique en contexts de haute technologie


H&S, Aujourdhui H&S offre aux clients une partnership complète fondée sur expertise, flexibilité et concretization.

To be and remain competitive, Credit Institutions must make use of partners that ensure a systematic and specific approach, capable of delivering solutions tailored to the peculiar business needs of this important market. For more than 10 years, H&S knows this market and can offer its expertise and experience in developing state-of-the-art technology solutions.
Thanks to the significant experience gained in Industry, H&S is a technology partner to support companies in evaluating and designing solutions to achieve their goals, including through specific analysis and design.
In particular, H&S implements integrated solutions consisting of:

• Analysis and consulting
• Software solution
• Hardware solution
• Continuous solutions as a service (helpdesk, monitoring, hosting solutions, system support)

H&S is also the ideal partner to integrate new solutions with existing business information systems. From this experience some products have also been created to manage business processes, and examples of integration between different technologies: hardware, firmware, software, telecommunications, ASP, services.
Administration Publique
Providing solutions to the Public Sector today means developing solutions that introduce innovation, cost reduction and flexibility. Solutions for Public Administration and Universities are primarily aimed at improving customer service in terms of efficiency and punctuality. H&S has met the needs of public administrations looking for tools to make their services closer to the citizen and has integrated their systems with those of private and state universities, with those of municipalities, provinces and regions.
H&S is a partner of the leading telephone operators to provide their customers with effective business and communication solutions, and has developed solutions for an increasingly demanding market and needs to bring different processes into mobility, using the web, Tablet and smartphone.